Used needles must NEVER be disposed of in domestic household waste nor should they be bent or broken before disposal and you should never try to recap a needle.

Should you need to dispose of needles or sharps, you should do so in a “sharps bin” – a specially designed rigid box with a lid, which is available on a prescription (FP10) from your GP or pharmacist.

When full, the sharps bin can be returned to local chemists, who will dispose of it safely:

  • Cairns Chemist, 51 London Road, Dover
  • Paydens Chemist, 108 High Street, Dover
  • River Pharmacy, 1 Chilton Way, River

Unfortunately GP practices are unable to accept full sharps boxes for disposal.

If you are unable to take the full sharps box to a pharmacy yourself, you can arrange to have it collected by Dover District Council.

Please visit here for more information. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click “Clinical waste collection application” and fill in the request form.