What our Nurses can help you with

Please contact the Receptionist, not one of the nurses, if you need to make an appointment for any nursing procedures. The nurses are not available at every session but we will do our best to offer a mutually convenient appointment.

The nurses carry out routine blood tests, blood pressure checks, ear washouts (please note you need to see a doctor before this can be booked), hearing tests, dopplers, dressings, cervical smears, baby clinics as well as other general nursing duties. They assist Dr. Cocker with minor surgery. The practice operates a recall system for these clinics and we will write to you when you are due for a blood test or clinic appointment, though if you are worried you can always make an appointment yourself to see the nurse.

Chronic Disease Management Clinics

The nurses hold regular chronic disease management clinics for diabetes, asthma and hypertension (high blood pressure). If you suffer from one of these conditions you will be offered regular follow up appointments. However, if you suffer from one of these chronic diseases and are concerned about your health or have queries at any time regarding your medication please do not hesitate to make an appointment at one of these clinics.

 NHS Health checks

Our Health Care Assistant, Jayne, is trained to complete NHS Health Checks.  If you are eligible to have an NHS Healthceck the practice will write to you offering you an appointment.

Travel Vaccinations & Advice

The nurses also offer certain travel vaccinations but they, and the doctors, are not able to offer travel advice. Please make sure that you arrange for your vaccinations well in advance of your trip as having them too close to your time of departure may mean that they are not effective.

Before making an appointment with one of our nurses you will need to contact the MASTA Travellers website http://www.masta-travel-health.com/FindAClinic to find out which vaccinations are currently required for the area to which you are travelling. The nurses are not allowed to give the injections without sight of your personal MASTA form.

Confirming your Nurses appointments

It would help greatly with planning if you could confirm any appointments which are sent to you and let us know if you are unable to attend. Patients who do not attend the nurses’ appointments, not only waste the nurses’ time but deprive other patients of an appointment. A phone call to 01304 832160 or e-mail to kmccg.lyddenreception@nhs.net to say you will not be attending is all that is needed and would be much appreciated.