We ask patients to telephone between 14.00 and 17.00 to find out the results of investigations. No results can be passed on to a patient until the doctor has seen and commented on them and we are unable to give any information to anyone other than the patient, unless this has been agreed between patient and doctor.

For routine investigations we ask you to phone two or three days after the blood/X-ray was taken. Please ensure that you know which test result you are seeking so that the receptionist knows which result she is looking for on the computer. Some test results take longer than others to come back and she needs to know which tests you have had before telling you that all have been received.

You will be given a slip of paper by the nurse on which will the tests which have been performed will be ticked. Please have this to hand when you ring.

For some tests e.g. cholesterol, it is necessary for you to fast (have nothing to eat or drink except water) from 22.00 the previous evening. If you are uncertain about this please ask the receptionist.

The opening times for the laboratory at Buckland Hospital are subject to change and a timetable can be obtained from Reception.