Here is a list of useful medicines and dressings with a description of their uses. All of these are quite cheap and we would advise that you keep these at home to treat minor illnesses.

Do keep them in a box or cupboard with a lock or well out of the reach of children.

Soluble aspirin tablet: For adults and older children. These are good for headaches, colds, sore throats and limb pains. Remember, aspirin is not suitable for children under twelve years of age.

Paracetamol mixture: For relief of pain or fever in young children.

Ibuprofen mixture: For pain and fever in young children. NB: paracetamol and ibuprofen can be used on the same day. Avoid in asthmatics.

Menthol drops: Add to hot water to make steam inhalations.

Antiseptic lotion: One teaspoonful diluted in warm water for cleaning cuts and grazes as directed on packaging.

Antiseptic cream: For treating septic spots, sores and grazes.

Calamine lotion: For dabbing on insect bites and stings and sunburn.

Dressing strips: For minor cuts.

3″ wide crepe bandage: To keep dressings in place and to support sprained or bruised joints.

Cotton wool: For cleaning cuts and grazes.

Dioralyte sachets: To replace fluid loss during bouts of diarrhoea.