TO REQUEST A REPEAT PRESCRIPTION ONLINE you can do this with the NHS App or by sending an email to with details of the medication you require. Acute prescriptions or items which require a review of a patient by the doctor i.e. antidepressants cannot be processed using the online method as patients need to be reviewed by a doctor before these can be issued.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT TAKE REQUESTS FOR MEDICATION OVER THE TELEPHONE. Requests must be made through the app, in writing or via email.

The price for prescriptions increased on April 1st 2021 to £9.35 per item. If you have more than eleven medicines prescribed each year, you could save money with an annual pre-payment certificate, which costs £108.10 (it is possible to pay for this by monthly direct debit). Alternatively, you can buy a three-month pre-payment certificate for £30.25 which will save you money if you need more than three prescribed medicines in three months.

You can apply for these online at:
Or by telephoning: 0300 330 1341

Our Dispensary has four members of staff: Lisa is the Dispensary Manager and Katy, Chloe and Sebastian are the dispensers. They are all happy to discuss any queries or problems you may have with your prescription but are not qualified to give any medical advice, for this you would need to see one of the doctors.

Please remember that we require 72 hours to process a repeat prescription. Patients are still leaving repeat prescriptions one day and coming back the next day to collect their medication or paper form. When you request a repeat prescription the request needs to be processed by the dispensers who then pass the forms to the doctor for approval and signature. Although we keep stocks of medication many items such as insulin and less commonly used drugs need to be ordered and come in the following day. This avoids wastage when drugs and dosages are changed. Prescriptions are never issued without being approved by one of the doctors.

If you have requested an item that is not on your repeat, please note that this request is sent to your allocated doctor and may take up to 7 days to process as that doctor may not be in the practice on the day that your request is submitted.

Prescriptions left before 16.30 on Monday will be ready after 16.30 on Thursday, those left after 16.30 will be processed on Tuesday and ready on Friday after 16.30.

Prescriptions left before 16.30 on Tuesday will be ready after 16.30 Friday, those left after 16.30 will be processed on Wednesday and ready on Monday after 16.30.

Prescriptions left before 16.30 on Wednesday will be ready after 16.30 on Monday, those left after 16.30 will be processed on Thursday morning and ready on Tuesday after 16.30.

Prescriptions left before 16.30 on Thursday will be ready after 16.30 on Tuesday, those left after 16.30 will be processed on Friday morning and ready on Wednesday after 16.30.

Prescriptions left before 16.30 on Friday will be ready after 16.30 on Wednesday and any prescriptions left over the weekend will be processed on Monday and ready for collection after 16.30 on Thursday.

Remember – we do not work weekends or public holidays so these days need to be taken into account when working out the 72 hour rule. On rare occasions it is necessary for the Dispensary to close for 1 hour at lunchtime due to annual leave or sickness to allow the lone-working dispenser to have their break. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

We provide a delivery service for those patients who are housebound and unable to get to the surgery. There is a strict criteria which patients need to satisfy and each application is passed to the doctors who will use their discretion as to whether the patient qualifies for this service.